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Online Holistic Therapy, Practitioner & Consultant

ABOUT: Holistic Therapy w/ a Certified Herbalist is an online version of our Art Therapy at a NYC Museum experience. This session is for individuals and/or couples who have been contemplating seeking help to look within to heal themselves or their relationship and our intention is to prepare you to be accountable for healing yourself by guiding you towards a mentality that will allow you to take action in doing so on your own.


WHAT WE WILL DO: Will start by de-stressing and identifying what your stress/negativity feels like. Seraph will share insights and guide you in developing an understanding of why you experience these emotions by using self-reflection techniques and providing a safe space for talk therapy.


ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Binaural Beats will be played throughout the session for whole body regeneration. Sessions will take place via Zoom. Before the session you will receive self reflection worksheets via email. After the session you will receive a holistic therapy report via email. This holistic therapy report will recount the details of the session including your self reflection.


Online Holistic Therapy

Holistic Consultant

Bachelors of Arts in Humanities

Certified Community Herbalist

5+ yrs Teaching Experience

5+ yrs Public Speaking Experience

Serah Beckley a.k.a Seraph

Online Holistic Practitioner


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