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Seraphim Interviews No. 1 Seraph

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

I sat in Beyond Sushi in midtown Manhattan drinking water when Serah sat down accompanied by the waiter. We order ramen bowls when I noticed her traditional Nigerian attire. Orange and gold radiated warm toned fabrics complimenting her blonde hair and deep skin tone. She explained her mother designed her jumpsuit and had it made in Nigeria using Ankara Print fabric, placing her crocheted scarf into her bag. Crocheting, a skill she acquired from a teen whose name is Eland Cruz while working as a counselor at a teen camp in 2016. While working at the teen camp she gifted her first Shell Bra Top after a request from a plus size counselor expressing a need for custom bras because they aren't designed with plus sized women in mind.

Also, at the same teen camp after fasting, meditating, praying and asking for signs; she acquired an opportunity to become a Certified Community Herbalist through her mentor Elsea Lopez who is the owner of Gold Water Educational Center. All of this came as a sign to Serah Beckley a.k.a Seraph founder of Seraphtive and Seraphim Collective that she was on the right path. This transformative breakthrough happened after a depressing and troubling childhood that left Serah hungry for personal freedom. Shortly after graduating from Felician University in 2018 with a Bachelors of Arts in Humanities concentration in Global Peace and Justice and becoming a Certified Community Herbalist Serah registered Seraphtive as an LLC. Serah began to realize her purpose is to be a healing consultant by using the tools and awareness she has gained in order to help others with what she has overcome. Serah approach to spiritual teachings represents getting through obstacles and using those experiences as lessons.

The word Seraph is known in the Christian religion as an angelic being. Seraphtive offers ethical fashion and products to heal the mind, body, and soul. The plural name for Seraph is Seraphim. Seraphim are known as the highest rank of angelic beings in the hierarchy of angelic beings. Seraphim Collective intends to produce insightful media content and events geared to educate and uplift. This mentality is stitched by Serah into products such as but aren't limited to Crochet-Wear, Retail, Holistic Care, and Art. The pieces bridge together the intention of being apart of making a positive impact in the Fashion, Media and Health industries.

Our waiter walked over asking us if we would like anything else, we kindly denied and continued as we finished our meals. Serah spoke on her upcoming Art Therapy at a NYC Museum experience in collaboration with Air BnB. All of this must be a lot to handle a collective, art therapy experiences, and fashion design?!

Through her journey Serah learned social media doesn’t equate social skills and it’s always great to have signed agreements in place when working with other creatives and backup plans in case things don't work out. “Not just one but plan a, b, c, d,e..” Serah laughed. She is persistent and passionate and it’s obvious the journey she is on is a steady one.

Photo Credit: Leesy



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