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Why You Should Date Yourself

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

The importance of dating yourself is the concept that what you want to experience when dating in a romantic relationship is also what you should want to do for yourself. If you are single or even dating someone else you should allow yourself to be conscious of what it is like to be dating yourself. The term "dating" may mean something different to each person but in this context, it is defined as forming an intimate relationship that may be sexual but doesn't have to be. Before you want to date another person or question why your current relationship isn't fulfilling consider dating yourself and understanding your own needs, enjoying how you spend time with yourself, and truly dissecting your personhood.

When in a romantic relationship your energy is also expected to be directed to understanding the other person's needs, what they enjoy, and experiencing the effects of the beliefs/insecurities they've kept subconsciously. It's important to keep in mind they will also be experiencing the same thing from you. Wouldn't it be easier to be fully aware and prepared to be transparent, accountable, and achieving balance in your next romantic relationship by creating that reality when you date yourself? These are the reasons why you should date yourself.


Freedom from Loneliness

You will become more comfortable with the time you spend with yourself. Some people may not be comfortable with this and that is okay but allow yourself to take the steps to understand what it is that you enjoy that would make time with yourself more pleasant. This will require you to be okay with the fact that you won't always be okay and to be able to identify what it feels like when you aren't. It is better to identify your needs on your own and provide yourself/others what you think you may need instead of feeling dependent on someone else to fulfill it.

By dating yourself you are deciding to focus on fostering a healthy and balanced life on your own and the support will come! Allow yourself to meet your own goals so you can clap for yourself. Listen, your acknowledgment is seriously enough. Every person is rightfully the director and lead of only their life but everyone else that is here has a supporting role in your experience. So tune in to your show and understand that only you have the ALL ACCESS PASS. While also realizing you will never truly have anyone else's.

Date yourself to free yourself from loneliness by TRYING THIS!

Practice Gratitude


Do Yoga

Listen When Your Body Needs Rest


Spend Time in Nature


Read Books


Set Boundaries

Solo Travel

Eat Well

Ask for Help

Arts and Crafts

Get a Pet

Acts of Kindness

Join a Team

Art Therapy

Positive Thinking



Slow Down

Join Religion/Faith Communities

Attend Workshops/Events


Understand The Reflection of You That You Want To Attract

Dating yourself means deciding to have a high level of understanding about yourself. An important way to do this is by identifying what your values are and realizing that they are based on the perception you've formed of your own human experience because of the patterns stored subconsciously. What are your values? Below are my answers.






Feel free to leave a comment on the IG post for this blog post with yours or write it down somewhere so you can remember.

Before you enter into any relationship its important to understand who it is that you are by identifying what your values are. It will allow you to understand the reasoning for your actions and what it is that you expect. You will truly begin to see why you attract the individuals who are, have been, or will be in your experience. Lastly, practice your values and internalize it so you can attract the reflection of what it is that you value into your reality. Doing so will make it clear to you what your boundaries are so you can avoid being unfulfilled because you aren't experiencing your reflection in the platonic and romantic relationships that you are fostering in your life.

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