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Seraphtive | Lifestyle Brand

Feel good in Fashion, Media, and Health

EST. 2018 Seraphtive offers handmade crochetwear, holistic products, and self developmental media/events by Seraphim Collective to heal the mind, body, and soul and connect angelic beings alike. Our intention is to be apart of making a positive impact in the Fashion, Media, and Health industries. We want to bridge the gap between fashion and wellness by honoring diversity, and incorporating healing symbolism/properties in products such as but aren't limited to Crochetwear, Ready to Wear, Holistic Care, and Art and showcase media/events that acknowledges the beauty in our difference because we were all made different on purpose.

Seraphim Collective | Self Development Media/Events

Serah Beckley a.k.a Seraph is Nigerian and the owner of Seraphtive. The word Seraph is known in the Christian religion as an angelic being. Finding this out spiraled into her fully realizing her destiny of being a source of light on this planet with the hope of connecting with like minded people. The plural name for Seraph is Seraphim. Seraphim is defined as the highest rank of angelic beings in the hierarchy of angelic beings. The turtle symbol is our logo symbol and is intended to symbolize wisdom and the fact that every individual should take their time on their path and to go at their own destined pace. We want to showcase the importance of looking within to heal no matter how long it takes and inspiring you to continue to have faith. With this being said we are hoping to encounter and connect with as many Seraphim that exist  and have our collective positive impact cause a heavenly shift on this planet.

All Crochet-Wear Is Handmade By Seraph