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Palo Santo ( Pack of 4 )

Palo Santo ( Pack of 4 )


About Palo Santo 

  • Palo Santo also known as Holy Wood is a sacred tree that belongs to the Burseracae family. Palo Santo trees are widely located throughout South America. It's used in South America as sage is used in North America, to disperse negative energy and to cleanse a space.
  • Palo Santo Length 3.5" - 4"
  • Sourced from Manabí, Ecuador, & Peru.


How To Use

- Mosquito Repellent

- Odor Replacement

- Aromatherapy for Stress, Anxiety, Mood Swings, and Depression

- Daily Rituals & Meditation

- Adding Positive Energy 


Best Used After Sage


Environmental Justice

UPDATE | $1 of your Palo Santo (Pack of 4) purchase will be donated to Amazon Frontlines a non profit organization that works with indigenous people to defend their rights to land, life, and cultural survival in the Amazon.


Learn more about Amazon Frontlines on


Blessed by Seraph
personalize this (pack of 4) palo santo by sharing what you would like to attract into your life and Seraph will help you manifest!


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